How soon will you it take for you to begin repairs on my car?
Ideally the repairs will begin on the vehicle once we have received authorization by you and/or the insurance company after the estimate is reviewed and we have received all the necessary parts.

Do you use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts in your repairs?
We prefer to use OEM parts when repairing vehicle, which are used whenever possible. However, most insurance companies have policies that may require us to repair with used parts or aftermarket parts. If we have to use recycled parts they will be thoroughly inspected and returned if they are not acceptable quality.

If there is frame damage on my vehicle is it still able to be repaired?
If the has frame damage we have the experienced technicians and specific equipment required to straighten the vehicle’s frame and return the vehicle back within specifications.

Will the new paint match my existing paint?
Our experienced painters are highly trained to use a state of the art computer controlled DeBeer Refinish paint mixing system assure that the color matches perfectly with your vehicle’s existing paint. Learn more about DeBeer Refinish auto finishes.

Does Sabetti Auto Body offer a warranty on the repair of my vehicle?
Yes, the repairs we make to your vehicle are covered as long as you own your vehicle. Sabetti Autobody has over a 40 year record of satisfying our customers with the highest quality repairs here at the same location in Kent, Ohio. We stand behind our work and will make sure that you leave our shop satisfied at the completion of your vehicle’s repair.